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This online system is for use by our residents to "View and Pay" their taxes on the property they own. It is not to be used by third parties.
 The 18/19 School tax collection is now closed. Late payments must now be paid to the Nassau County Treasurer, 571-2090.


 2019 General taxes can be paid on line.
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James J. Stefanich
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Important Note
We are here to serve you online. The online system extends the hours of availability, but will not be available during maintenance periods. Payment information may also not be available at certain times due to additional system maintenance activities. If your transaction has a due date associated with it, it is your responsibility to ensure that your payment is made by that due date. Delays caused by unavailability of any online service DOES NOT warrant the reversal of late fees.
*Most mobile devices can be used to pay your taxes.  Older devices may not work properly due to outdated technology.

Please Note: Convenience fees for payments are collected in a separate transaction in accordance with the applicable fee schedule. In addition, New York State law mandates that the Town of Oyster Bay does not receive any portion of the convenience fee – this fee is retained by the payment processing vendors enabling the transaction. *Please note that payments via the website are final and not reversible.  Please use caution when entering online payments.


The information contained on this website and its pages is obtained from municipal databases. In the event of a discrepancy between the information displayed on this website and the information contained in the databases maintained by the municipality, those maintained by the municipality shall prevail. No errors on this website excuse or lessen a user’s actual tax liability. If you feel your tax liability or other information presented is in error, please contact us or check directly with Town of Oyster Bay Tax Receiver’s Office.