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Collection Information


The 2024 County of Putnam & Town of Patterson Tax payments will be accepted by Mary DeLanoy, Receiver of Taxes for the Town of Patterson beginning December 29, 2023. Collection office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm excluding government holidays. This site can facilitate credit, debit & e-check payments for tax collection. You may view and print the current tax bills from this site, as well. Please contact the Tax Office for tax receipts and payment history.

The County of Putnam & Town of Patterson Taxes are due January 31st of each year, in full, interest free. Payment in full is also accepted February through April with 1% interest per month plus $2.00 in March & April. Total taxes may also be paid in two installments (for total tax payments of $50.00 or more) with 50% or more of the full payment due by January 31st, interest free. The second installment is payable in any month between February and July with 1% interest per month.

For further information, please contact Mary DeLanoy, Receiver of Taxes, via email at or by telephone at 845-878-9300 x18.